Xavier Wingrave

"My friends are my family, and I will defend them all to my last breath."


Born to a pair of Ala Mhigan citizens, Leon and Cinder Wingrave, Xavier was merely eight when his family was forced to flee during the Garlean invasion. His father sadly died during the escape while fending off Garlean attackers, leaving Xavier, his brother, and their mother to flee to Ul'dah along with other refugees. There, his mother got a job with the Miners Guild to provide for them while his brother took to shady deals in Pearl Lane. At the time, Xavier took up the fighting style of the pugilists, while seeking out the tutelage of the Red Mages years later. He continued to grow and learn throughout the years, leaving in search of work after his mother was seriously injured while mining, his brother having left some time before to pursue his own work. During the few years he was on his own, he would meet a few folks who would later become his long time friends and family.


Since joining the reformed Fist of Rhalgr and minorly assisting in the Liberation of Ala Mhigo, he can normally be found adventuring during the day with students, helping with the rebuilding of Rhalgr's Reach, or teaching new recruits of the Fist of Rhalgr. At night, he spends most of his time helping run the Twin Otters Tavern owned by his wife, Ezzie, or simply enjoying time with friends. Every now and then, he is known to venture back to Ul'dah to visit with his mother and the Pugilists.


He is kind and wise, but fierce in the defense of his home and family. He is always seeking to expand his knowledge of culture, people, and fighting in general. He has no problem talking to strangers, so if you see him, don't be afraid to have a chat!

Fighting Style

His fighting style is one he has developed between the monastic arts, the pugilists style, and studying various friends and enemies. It's best described as a mix of Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Judo, and Capoeira.


Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Body Markings: Arm tattoos and several scars
Special Items: Custom Glasses
Build: Toned and slim
Height: 6'0"
Age: 32 (Originally 30)